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The Power of Oneness Feeling
change the perception of your life!

We experience the aliveness of everything that is,
to be one in heart intelligence.

We realize that our real lives are not
takes place in the mind, but directly what is felt
Experience in the present moment is.

The Heart Intelligence and the Cosmic Order guide
intuitively our lives.

We experience the fullness of being and becoming  in our limitless self

Seminare & Single-Sessions

Let's live from the oneness feeling (feeling of oneness)
The following changes can happen within ourselves:

  • The discovery of heart intelligence

  • Emotional well-being/ Head wellness

  • Inner peace

  • Causeless joy

  • Breaking negative behavior patterns

  • Spontaneous spiritual growth

  • A profound healing occurs on all levels

  • Effortless Being

  • More energy

  • Perception of limitlessness


The Power of Oneness Feeling - Seminar

 The power of feeling of
"To be one"

Oneness Feeling will change your life!

Your perception of life will be completely different after the seminar.

You are guided intuitively by the heart intelligence.

09. - 10. March 2024 only in german

Online Seminar über Zoom oder auch live im Tao Zentrum

The GOAL to live from heart intelligence and the “fullness of being”, in inner peace and at peace with the world!


We start with the EU feeling technique from Dr. Frank Kinslow to practice
to experience ourselves in the I AM. Then we root ourselves in the silence of pure awareness, our source. Then we learn about the power of oneness and how we can use it in our lives.

We experience pure awareness and the power of creation at the same time the heart intelligence. It is the wholeness of life itself.

Beginn Samstag 10. Februar 10h - Ende 11. Februar 16h
Zoom max. 8 Teilnehmer/ Tao Zentrum max. 4 Teilnehmer
Seminar-Kosten: € 240,- inkl. 20% MwSt.
Early Bird bis 31. Jänner € 199,- inkl. 20% MwSt.

Wiederholer: € 90,- inkl.20% MwSt.



The Power of Oneness Feeling
will change the perception of your life!

Learn The Power of Oneness Feeling in individual sessions.

This requires 3 sessions!
The cost of learning the Oneness Feeling
in 3 individual sessions:
€ 449,- including 20% VAT.

Every human being has their origin in the divine!
Most of humanity focuses on the outside world.

Most people are not aware of the inner world, our mind, although the mind plays an essential role in our lives.

The mind is almost never still. He thinks, talks, plans and says everything that could go wrong, what is not good and what we have done wrong.

When the mind becomes calm and still, a deeper dimension of non-dual being can be perceived - the divine presence of oneness!

The Power of Oneness Feeling enables you to directly recognize who you really are and to shape your life from that.

Oneness Education around the world

Experiences from people who have already attended the seminar!


The “Oneness Feeling” seminar was a transformative experience for me. The EU-Feeling technique and the internalization of Yin energy helped me to experience pure being and to sink deeper and deeper into oneness.
This experience of the power of oneness and its application in daily life is immediate - pure - and particularly enriching.
The teachings of the seminar impressively sh
ow that our real life does not take place in the mind, but in the felt experience of the present moment.
“Sinking deeper and deeper” brings profound change into life - an ever-increasing experience of effortless being. Dagmar


“Nothing + oneness = abundance (love, healing power).”
This theoretical formula can be experienced directly in a fascinatingly simple way.

For me it was essential to get to know and practice the “Oneness Feeling” method in a group seminar. Through practicing together and the increased group energy, it worked for me straight away and disempowered thoughts of doubt. A prerequisite for continuing this transformative practice at home. Thank you Verena

We have been able to experience directly that in the presence of presence and in the depth of BEING, we are all ONE BEING and that there is no separation between living beings and things in this world. I am very grateful for this experience of wholeness, which humbly touches me deeply.
Back in everyday life, I continue to meditate and a new mode of life is emerging for me, in which everything happens much more slowly and the perception of ONENESS deepens further.
I can simply let events in everyday life arise with much greater calm. My activities of “must” and “should” decrease significantly, and I experience more and more how blissful it is to be in harmony.
With deep gratitude Ajan

Through the exercises this weekend I learned
what it’s like to “just be there,” without attachment, right in life.
To feel the insubstantiality of so much,
to feel that there is no need for connection,
in the depths everything is ONE.
A new serenity has arisen in me to be with what is.
This serenity allows me to feel freedom and peace deep down
and brings slowness into my day.
It creates new space for compassion, for me and my counterpart, and creativity and joy are expressed!
I am deeply grateful for the experiences of the weekend itself
as well as for what now appears new in the “expression of my life”.

The oneness feeling opened up the room.
For the first time I can perceive “NOTHING” and recall it in everyday life even when it seems lost.

The oneness feeling sometimes arises and sometimes not, the perception is that nothingness is “fulfilling”.

The best thing about the weekend was that we practiced it so often and for so long in the energy of the master and the group that new synapses were able to emerge.
Filled with gratitude - 

Being one with everything and nothing - one of those proverbial carrots in front of your nose on the spiritual, pathless path was allowed to dissolve this weekend.
My orientation had been this way for a while and under Aktu's guidance we were all able to experience this gift. It's indescribable how that feels. But let me say this much: then you will know what true love really is. Deeply filled with gratitude, I now practice the exercise several times a day and the new attitude to life that arises from it is incredible. May many more people discover this treasure, live in this deep peace and pure joy... Thomas Krishna

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